Usage Of Filter Unit

1. Scour protection

Without counter measures against scouring

Without counter measures against scouring

Scouring was observed around the foundation of a turbine.

With counter measures against scouring

Filter Units were installed.

Scouring was prevented by Filter Unit.

2. Cable protection

Without counter measures

Without counter measures against scouring

Cable sways.

If cable sways continuously, it may be seriously damaged.

With counter measures

Filter Units were installed.

Swaying of cable is restrained by weight of Filter Unit.

Filter Unit will be applied in multiple lines when velocity of flow is fast.

3. Adjustment of uneven seabed for cable and pipeline installation

Uneven seabed is adjusted by Filter Unit at cable and pipeline installation.

Place Filter Unit where cable or pipeline is installed.

Filter Units are installed into the gap.

Cable or pipeline is installed.

4. Creation of crossing for cable or pipeline.

Filter Units are installed at the crossing of "cable and cable" or "cable and pipeline." They will create certain gaps and prevent contact of cable or pipeline and stabilize the crossing.

Install Filter Units on the top of cable or pipeline.

Cable or pipeline will be installed on the top of existing cable or pipeline.

Filter Unit will be installed on the top of crossing to stabilize the crossing.

Example Of Construction

Use Filter Unit For Offshore Wind Farm Construction

1. Application: Scour Protection At Foundation Of Wind Turbine

2. Application: Protection Of Export Cable

3. Application: Adjustment Of Uneven Seabed

4. Application: Protection Of Array Cable

5. Application: Protection Of Crossing Part

6. Application: Protection Of Below J-tube

Use Filter Unit For River Construction

Application Illustration Note Example
River Bank Protection The bag is used at the front of bank independently as foot protection. The installation methods are step piling and random piling.
Foot Protection Filter Unit is installed on the riverbed. In order to construct it without gaps, small size fillings are recommended.
River Dike Protection Step pilling applies at a slope which becomes 1:2 or less(steep).
Level installation applies at a slope which becomes more than 1:2 (loose).
Riverbed Protection Filter Unit is installed on the riverbed. In order to construct it without gap, small size fillings are recommended.
Application Illustration Note Example
Over Block Filter Unit is used on foot protection blocks. It may be used as a vegetation base with earth covering.
Under Block By using it under a foot protection block or a covering stone, an upside structure is stabilized from subsidence by sucking etc.
With Other
Filter Unit installed in wooden pile or other methods of construction at inside, back and forth. The cooperation effect with other methods of construction is expected.
Protection Of Front Part Bank protection etc. are stabilized by installing the bag in the fronts, such as gabion, sandbag and a sheet pile.
Emergency Procedure Filter unit is installed at a disaster place and erosion is prevented. An additional injection is possible because it has good flexibility.
Temporary Road To avoid damage of Filter Unit by passing heavy construction machine directly on Filter Units, please install steel plate on the top.
Filter Unit With Gabion We recommend to use Filter Unit and gabion together at the place like in the water, where work with gabion is difficult.